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Garden Tools - sharpen them?

I have a bucket full of garden tools, clippers etc and a yard full of roses and other flowers that need cutting, I cannot get them sharp, when I get them sharppend at the hardware it is $5.00 a pair and then they do not stay sharp very long. I just do not want to purchase any more of them. I just tried one more time to shapren some clippers with a stone and it is still as dull as it was. How do I sharpen these tools myself and keep them sharp, do they need to be shaprened after eery use?:(:(:(

Re: Garden Tools - sharpen them?

#1 most hardware stores that sharpen tools have staff that dont really know how to sharpen correctly, i truly realized this when a friend sent a knife in for sharpening and got it back with nearly nothing left of the blade. you have to send tools to a shop that specializes in sharpening

#2 you dont have to sharpen after every use, but every so often. you cant simply sharpen a tool once and expect it to sharp on its own otherwise you will be replacing the tool everytime it gets dull, i know several people that are like this with carpentry hand tools such as chisels and planes. on the same note some blades are have specially hardened cutting edges which arent designed for resharpening

as for the benefit of keeping them sharp, not only will they cut faster and cleaner. but with cutting branches and grass or whatever it leaves a cleaner cut which is less traumatic for the tree/bush/grass which will let it heal quicker.
i should also mention that a sharp tool is also a safer tool, some think dull is safe. a sharp tool requires much less effort to use which in turn is safer using a dull tool will make you force the cut which is will slip and can cause an injury to the user. i use to work in a kitchen and tried to explain this to the management they couldnt do the math on how i would sharpen my knives and never cut myself, the staff which used the dull knives cut themselves repeatedly

Re: Garden Tools - sharpen them?

So many of the garden tools you get today are made with to soft a steel and don't hold an edge very long. I have found that sharpening with a file or course diamond sharpening stone is the fastest and easiest way to sharpen them but you must do it regularly. Besides the edge you need to stone the flat side flat.

A. Spruce
Re: Garden Tools - sharpen them?

I would suggest purchasing a fine metal file and/or a whet stone and learn to sharpen your tools yourself. It is not difficult to do, nor is it all that time consuming, it will certainly take less time than taking the tools to a shop.

Google "knife sharpening" for the basics on how to use a whet stone and apply that to sharpening your tools. Hand shears will likely need to be disassembled, again, not a difficult task and it will allow you to thoroughly clean and lubricate the tool, extending it's life and ease of use.

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