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Garbage Disposal Electrical Question

I'm not sure if this is plumbing or electrical. It's a garbage disposal where the conduit that connects the power to the disposal is now hanging by wires. I have never had a disposal, installed one or worked with one. I've tried doing a few web searches, but it appears this model is old school and there are a limited amount of videos (none I can find) I have an inspection tomorrow (monday Nov 23) and really need to get this fixed asap. Can someone send me a diagram, video, or other (cheap) personal to help fix this item. (Included is a picture for your viewing pleasure) http://www.tevedelweiss.org/disposal.JPG

A. Spruce
Re: Garbage Disposal Electrical Question

It was never attached properly to begin with.

1 - Turn off the power to the disposal BEFORE you start working on it!

2 - You need a flex conduit to metal box connector. The connector will screw into the end of the flex conduit. The other end will be threaded with a nut, put this end through the hole on the left (round hole to the side of the larger square hole. Obviously, you will need to disconnect the wires to install the connector and attach it to the disposal.

3 - The conduit should contain a ground, make sure you hook up this ground to the disposal.

4 - Neatly tuck the wires into the square hole when you have remade the connections, if the cover plate is laying around, put that back on too!

5 - Turn on power and test your work.

Re: Garbage Disposal Electrical Question

thanks. I was wondering why nothing seemed to fit. Guess it's the connection box I'm missing. There are a lot of DIY things in this house the last owner did half way or backwards.

Re: Garbage Disposal Electrical Question

Quote: " I was wondering why nothing seemed to fit. Guess it's the connection box I'm missing..."

You don't really need a box, the flex conduit/wire goes right in the disposer's electric compartment. Of course you have to know how to secure the conduit into the disposer.

Another thing to watch: A GD runs on a dedicated circuit, check that out for a fact.

Re: Garbage Disposal Electrical Question

I think I am getting a different picture here than the other posters that have replied. Do I have this right? You have a conduit that comes out of the wall but is no longer attached to the disposer. The conduit separated from the disposer and you can now see a couple of inches of the wires inside the conduit where they go into the disposer.

If that is the case, you may be able to push the conduit into the opening of the disposer, it wont stay of course unless there is some sort of clamp at the opening.

There are a couple of options for the repair, but they all involve a licensed electrician. You could have the disposer supply wires replaced with a new conduit from the switch to the disposer, or you could have the wires terminated to an electrical outlet box on the wall behind the disposer and a plug in type wire attached to the disposer or get a new disposer.

You could go all out with new disposer, new wiring and a pneumatic switch so your wet hands never touch a electrical switch. If you do the latter, you might as well get a good 1hp disposer.

Re: Garbage Disposal Electrical Question

Now I see a picture, and the situation is exactly as I understood it. However, it might be too late to fix it before the inspector was supposed to come. If he came, he probable asked for a correction and re inspection.

Then you can connect the hot and neutral to the unit. I did't see a ground wire - there should be one there. The ground goes under the ground screw. Lastly, cover the electrical opening with the metal cover - you should have one.

Flip the breaker on, run cold water in the sink and try the GD.

Re: Garbage Disposal Electrical Question

You don't need a box, you need a BX connector installed in the round hole. The BX armor is inserted in the connector and it is tightened down to hold in place.


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