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Garage to living space, osb question.

Hi all.

When I bought my place the prior owner was converting the garage into a living space. I have checked to make sure that floor was sealed and that he used PT2x ect ect. All that looks fine.

The problem that I have is he used drywall on the walls he put up and left osb on the original garage walls....now the question

Do I need to replace the rest of the osb OR is there a way or a product that will allow me to flaten(remove) the osb texture so that it looks flat(closer to drywall) I know it may not be just like drywall but if I can get it close that fine by me.

It seems that some of the osb was placed with the smooth side facing in but not all of it.

And one more question....the ceiling is osb as well, can knock down be sprayed on a osb ceiling??

Thanks in advance and sorry if I post in the wrong area.


Thanks for the fast replies!
Yup, I have checked for insulation and above the ceiling is about 12" of blow-in, the walls were filled with GU160 by Guardian thats a Fiberglass insulation r-19 roll - 6.5"x15".

I think if topping compund will work on osb like A.spruce said that is what I'll go with for the walls.

But now... can knock down be sprayed on a osb ceiling?? yes/no?

A. Spruce
Re: Garage to living space, osb question.

Just about any surface can be floated smooth with topping compound, sanded, then either painted or textured before paint, just depends on your tastes. I did a garage conversion last summer that was all plaster except for the new walls that went in which were drywall. All the plaster was floated and sanded smooth. The drywall was taped and finished to match, then everything was painted. It looks great!

The only cautionary thing I'll warn you about is fire rating. If you've got permits for the work being done, then you'll likely need to install 5/8" drywall over everything. If you don't have permits, then you can do as you please, but be aware that OSB will have a much shorter burn through rating than 5/8" drywall. Also, a lack of permits does not mean that you can be lax on following building codes. Should there be a problem, your insurance may not like non-permitted work.

Timothy Miller
Re: Garage to living space, osb question.

Howdy have you removed some osb to see if walls are insulated? Good time to do so.
The other comments about fire code requirements is to make a one hour fire rating.
To overlay the osb with drywall is a solution then texture. Be advised you will have to extend the receptacles and lighting boxes.

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