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Garage to bedroom

I want to turn an attached garage into a bedroom. The slab is cracked but not buckled. Do I seal the crack? Do I put down a vapor barrier before I lay the new 2x4's for the floor? Then Styrofoam insulation? Then the osb floor? Also do you think I need pressure treated 2x's? I know I will need to put one at the bottom on the floor where the garage door used to be. But what about for the floor joists?

The reason I want to raise the floor and insulate is I live in Wisconsin and floors get cold in winter. the other is I that the floor is not level raised very little from the crack in the center so putting a floor directly on top will not work

Thanks to all

Re: Garage to bedroom

If you now have a cement floor, not sure why you are building a new one with joists, unless it's at the second floor level. You don't elaborate enough to tell.

If you have a decent slab, sure you can seal the cracks and then install whatever flooring you want (wood, tile, carpet with pad, etc.) It will depend on how level your existing floor is now, what type of prep work you'll need to do before installing your floor of choice.

Provide more info and you may get a clearer answer.

Good Luck.

Re: Garage to bedroom

You definitely need a good vapor barrier. I would keep the joists off the floor and barrier, or you will need PT lumber.

Re: Garage to bedroom

If the concrete is in good shape I would properly repair the cracks first. That is, scrape out all of the loose material,vacuum or blow out the cracks of dust and debris. Use either a bonding agent or make a paste of Portland cement and use an old paint brush to smear it on the cracks. Fill the cracks with portland cement mixed to a consistency a little stiffer than spackle and trowel the top flush with the rest of the floor. When it dries I would put a vapor barrier down and PT 2x4's (sleepers). Lay the 2x4's with the 3 1/4" side down and shoot them into the floor. Make sure the depth of the nail is recessed so as not to interfere with the flooring. If you can't do that you can tap the flooring when it is over a nail and that will drive the nail into the flooring. Now put in your flooring perpendicular to the PT 2x4's the way you would over normal joists. Hope this helps.

Calcats ;)

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