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Garage Shelving advice


I have a garage that has some high ceilings and I would love to take advantage of that for some shelving for storage.

My question is, if I elect to attch 2x4's directly to the studs and create a system of suspended shelves (with plywood decks):

-is this a secure way to proceed?
-What would the weight capacity be without affecting the structure?
-I also intend to attach supports from the joists in the ceilng with threaded rods.

Any input would be appreciated, as I want to make sure that these will be sturdy, yet not affect the overall structure.


Timothy Miller
Re: Garage Shelving advice

Howdy, the span of the ceiling joists will affect how much your loading with shelves.
Instead consider adding shelving to the walls like used in closets. Screwing into the wall studs the bracing brackets and adjustible shelving works great in our garage. Mount the support brakets from ceiling wodn instad of floor up and you get to then use the lower wall space. Lowes or home depoe have several varieties....

Re: Garage Shelving advice


I also have high garage ceilings and came up with a great idea. I built platforms out of 2"x4"'s with a plywood deck that are approximately 2 feet deep by 8 feet long. I then attached eye bolts on either end and one in the middle. Once complete, I screwed these platforms level up high on the wall and attached chains to the I-bolts using the oval shaped chain links that you can open up. The chains I then attached to eye bolts screwed into the ceiling joists.

Be carefull to check all weight ratings on the eye bolts, chains and connectors. I used gear that was all rated for 800 pounds of overhead carrying weight. Remember the old axiom "the weakest link". . . You don't want this stuff coming down on top of your head!

I built multiple units around the upper perimiter of the garage and now have ample off the ground storage for those "once in awhile" items. The only issue is it can be hard to get up/down heavier items while balancing on a ladder.

Good luck! Tim

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