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garage raising

Has anyone heard of raising a whole garage? When the garage was built in 1971 we should have insisted on making it another block or two higher off the ground. The driveway slope lets water go into the garage. Also, when winter comes to Nebraska the patio heaves so much that we can not access the side door. We are thing about replacing the patio but, think we need to raise the garage. Comments

Timothy Miller
Re: garage raising

Howdy what part of Nebraska, I'm renovating a grand old home in Albion. The garage how is the foundation made, cement block or cement stem wall etc? A photo would help....
We jacked the garage off the blocks and laid another course of block to pick up a garage last summer it worked great. We used 6 by6" by 8' beams and basement jacks. then we dry stacked the block and came back and filled the block with cement and a 2" cement cap and new anchor bolts.
The patio heaving from freezing water in soil- any down spouts draining next to the patio? Does the lot slope away from the patio driveway paved? - does water drain off it t word the patio?. Expansion joints in the patio.If expansion joints adding a good non hardening concrete joint caulking will keep the water out of the cracks and cut down on the heaving. Make sure the downspouts drain away from the patio area.

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