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Garage plaster walls crumbling

Garage & House was built in 1949. The walls of the garage interior are plaster.

There are several large holes, probably from cars hitting it, that existed when I bought the house 6 months ago. I know nothing of plaster. From what I can tell by looking at the biggest hole, is that the plaster is on metal, diamond shaped lathe. Is this typical? I thought plaster was always on wooden lathe.

Anyway, some areas were patched from previous owners by drilling an appropriately sized piece of dryall wall up against it. Doesn't look great but seems to work. There's plenty of cracking occuring along the ceiling as well, nothing with an inch difference in height or anything, but plenty that I'd like to fix up.

Is there a direction someone can point me in to get some of these larger holes fixed? Anything I find has to do with the wooden lathe, and nothing on diamond metal lathe.

Also, if this really belongs in the walls thread, just let me know and I'll move it, thanks!

Re: Garage plaster walls crumbling

If anyone can figure out what's going on with my garage ceiling, let me know.

Re: Garage plaster walls crumbling

Garage? Rip it OUT :eek:

Use concrete backer board, or sheetrock, or BCX plywood. Paint a bullseye for me. :D

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