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garage heaters

I am finishing off my 24X24 garage and need some help on heating it. I have a choice of propane or electric heat. Can some help my on the safety issue and the diference in cost between the two units. Thanks.

Re: garage heaters

I'm not an expert, although I just got finished with purchasing a gas furnace (roof mount / 45,000 BTU) and getting it installed in my 26x24 garage. The cost was $700 for the furnace + $300 for the install and parts. I did the electrical myself and partial install myself to save a few bucks. (I also had the gas and electrical roughed in at the time of building (highly recommended). If you do require the gas line being ran and your walls are possibly already finished, i wouldn't know where to begin with that cost.

I did some research prior to selecting radiant heater or gas furnace (forced air). I had some people telling me that radiant was the way to go. However, when i read that some people experienced that their vehicles starting making noises, creaks and moans after they installed a radiant heater, this worried me a lot. I don't need vehicle repairs because of a radiant heater that continuously heats up my vehicles winter after winter. I had read the seals within shocks and strutts can be affected by constant heat and would cause them to harden, in turn your front end being noisy or hard. So that's the #1 reason why i went with the forced air furnace.

The 2nd reason would be because the air movement and bonus of a fan running. Radiant heat is fairly cheap to run but similarly priced. Remember radiant needs to be left on all the time. This was not something i wanted to do.

On a side note if anyone knows of a great garage thermostat that can control the temperature to about -2deg. C as the lowest desired temperatures that would really help me out. Thanks and happy winter!

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