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Garage floor query

We have purchased a new old house in Maine that includes a detached garage. There is a concrete foundation but the garage floor itself is dirt and gravel. I have no idea how waterproof this floor is and wonder how typical this floor is and what can be done to make it waterproof. Can another concrete floor be poured over the existing one? I've read about tiles and mats used on garage floors. Is this a viable and economic solution? I want to use the garage for storage but do not want water to damage what is stored there.
Thanks. Mark

Re: Garage floor query

your garage will never be nice and dry if the floor remains dirt. it will freeze and thaw, absorb water and release moisture. laying down plastic then covering it with something to prevent the moisture from coming up will only be a VERY short term solution. the two options that come to mind are.....1. dig down aproximately 6 inches, remove the dirt and put in crushed stone. 2. dig down 6-8 inches, remove the dirt, put in a crushed stone base and pour a concrete slab. if the garage stays as is, it will always be musty and damp depending on the weather and with you being up in Maine, that will be 75+% of the time.

Re: Garage floor query

To add to the above answer:

You must lay down a 6mm plastic under the gravel and newly poured concrete, or you problems will reappear.

Re: Garage floor query

Number 2 (above) with plastic is your best bet. There are videos ****** that show this if you need to view them.

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