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Garage Floor drain blocked; 2in. flood when it rains

Question: How to fix retention of water on floor?
Full Description:
Center Drain in Gagage cement floor cemented shut; Garage floods in heavy rain from wall-floor seam; Sump is 7 ft away uphill from where water seeps in at wall.
Mom's garage floor is original poured cement, sloped toward center. When house built (45yrs ago), a metal 'drainpipe' was installed at floor's center. With heavy rains, this drain used to bring water up onto the garage floor. 4 yrs ago, a plumber put lots of cement into that drain to plug it. Now, water seaps btwn garage's wall/floor, flows to center of floor but can't drain out, making a large pool 1-2in deep in center and extending
over much of the floor (over 12ft. width). The floor slopes up from center, so this pool of water does not go to sump in garage corner; we have to push-broom all the water toward the sump-pump. That's a huge amount of water and lots of pushing. Owner is 90+ woman; daughter isn't always there to help - lives in Phila.

What to do?
How to fix this mistake of plugging that center drain ?

Whom to call ? To do what ? (location is far suburbs of Wilkes-Barre.)

Would it make sense to use (WHich material?) to create a 1-inch dam near the leaking wall-floor joint, to guide the water to the sump and not allow water to go to center of floor ? (I'm sure just putting a little
"wall" of cement will not work, since the new cement will not make
a waterproof seal with the old existing cement floor.)

Is there some way to have a little 'ditch' cut into the cement floor to help drain the water from center
to the corner sump? what kind of business could/would do that ?
Would that be safe to do, or would that weaken the cement floor too much and cause more trouble ?

Please advise. Thank you!

Waterbug (the daughter, also not young.)

Re: Garage Floor drain blocked; 2in. flood when it rains

A plumbing contractor can fix it, do not use the idiot that filled the drain with cement. Cut out a square around the existing drain and replace with a new one. Either cut a trench to the sump and let it drain there, or reconnect to existing line. Since the existing line is backing up, this might be a mistake, as fixing the cause of the backup may be very expensive. If you choose that fix, be sure the new floor drain has an "anti-backwater" valve, which has a check valve type flapper in it.

I would just saw cut a 10" wide slot to the sump. Remove the concrete and dig a trench for a 2" pvc line from the new floor drain. An anti-backwater type floor drain is not necessary when draining to a sump. Fill in around the new drain and pipe with 3/8" chat and pour in some concrete, then trowel it smooth.

Re: Garage Floor drain blocked; 2in. flood when it rains

U can go to your county records and see if the original builder left a plumbing diagram with them. Check building, and sanitary permits. Often they are in separate areas at the count record keepers office. If it is there, it will show u where the drain pipe goes.

Re: Garage Floor drain blocked; 2in. flood when it rains

There are many professional plumbing and sewer cleaning service providers who may help you out in getting your problem solved. These cleaning service providers clean the sewer without much mess and help you keep your tank clean. So, I suggest contact a good plumbing service provider and get the problem sorted out.

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