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Maria K
Garage door reviews - or how to shop

We are in need of 2 garage doors and I'm getting frustrated by all the options. Where can I find product reviews of different brands? Or a good article on how to shop for a door? I have no idea what makes a quality door.
- Maria

A. Spruce
Re: Garage door reviews - or how to shop

You might try Consumer Reports. You can sign up online for electronic access or visit your local bookstore or library for a hard copy.

Have you tried shopping at garage door dealers in your area? When you get to looking at the different units, the quality differences tend to be fairly obvious.

Maria K
Re: Garage door reviews - or how to shop

I have shopped around, but all I see are brochures... no actual doors. I checked Consumer Reports and there's nothing in the index.
- Maria

A. Spruce
Re: Garage door reviews - or how to shop

Interesting. Most of the dealers here have samples or a showroom. At any rate, here are a couple things to watch for.

  1. Overhead torsion spring/counter-balance. Most doors have this, but I've seen DIY doors at big box store that use a series of side cables and springs and they just don't cut it.
  2. Price will depend on features such as windows on the top panel, panel features, insulated door.
  3. The hinges are pretty straight forward and simple and likely to be the same across all manufactures
  4. Tracks are pretty much the same as well, though there is a difference between a good installation and a bad one as far as bracing on the tracks (custom to each install )
  5. Your biggest decision is likely going to be the opener. A screw style is the strongest and most reliable. There are also chain and cable styles that do work, but tend to be a bit messy and noisier. It's been a while since I've purchased an opener so I can't recommend a particular brand, however I'm not enamored with Chamberlin brand.
  6. The size and weight of the door will determine the horsepower requirements of the opener and the amount of counter-balance spring needed. The dealer should have all these specs for the installer.
  7. Pay the extra few bucks and have the doors installed. They are a pain in the buns if you don't know what you're doing and it's well worth the expense to not have to worry about the operation or warranty.
Re: Garage door reviews - or how to shop


Spruce makes some good recommendations.

A number of on-line sites do reviews of garage doors, if you Google "overhead garage doors" residential reviews you will get many sites; the ones below are a sample.

Also Google "top 10 garage doors".

You didn't mention if you want to attempt an installation yourself, or have a pro do it.

DIY kits for the door and electric opener are widely available at the home improvement stores for a good price, HD/Lowe's carries Clopay, which is highly rated.

My preference is for insulated vinyl (internally reinforced with steel) by Clopay, as they are maintenance-free and look great; side spring models are much more amenable to a diy installation and are long-lasting.

Wood doors are declining by some in favor due to possible rot issues and repainting/refinish issues.

Top doors at the site below are Genie, Wayne Dalton, Clopay, Amarr, Mesa, Chamberlain, etc.

Top electric openers favor the cogged neophrene belt-driven openers by Liftmaster, Genie Pro or Craftsman.

Consumer Report did a review of these openers in their Jan. '02 issue, available as a back issue at the public library, CR favors the cogged neophrene belt-driven models because they have quiet operation.


Re: Garage door reviews - or how to shop

I am also looking for new garage doors. I had Wayne Dalton (Thermowayne 36). The top panel has folded in half two times and Wayne Dalton has refused to honor the warranty. They sent a inspector out and said the door failed because the door was opened with the lock engaged. When I told them I never installed a lock, they said they don't make this model anymore and I would have to buy a new one.

Re: Garage door reviews - or how to shop

I have two Clopay and two Amarr. Both are OK quality painted steel doors, although the Amarr has substantial insulation. The Clopays are 9 x 8' on my pole barn and are subjected to some real abuse from the weather, firewood, wayward tractor driving, etc. After about 6 years they have held up well with no rust (they're steel) even in a wet, snowy northern climate.

After 3 years the Amarr units have done well too, and I will add that the insulation in my attached garage has really helped out. These are two 8 x 8' units with one row of windows with inserts. I paid $1150 including install for both, which is what Lowe's wanted just for the doors.

I also have 4 openers, a basic Chamberlain, an upgraded Chamberlain with belt drive and battery backup and two chain driven Genie models. I like the structure on the Genie brand, but the belt driven Chamberlain is very quiet and has a nice set of light bulbs/covers. There is so much light I don't need another light in my attached garage (the wall plate has a switch for the lights separate). Also, being in a rural area the battery backup (which is supposed to last 5-7 years before you need a new battery and about 15 door cycles up and down) has been invaluable during power outages.

As far as shopping and install, GO WITH A DOOR DEALER!! They're going to do it right in a very short period of time and be equipped with the parts/accessories, etc. they might need in a pinch!

Good luck.

Re: Garage door reviews - or how to shop

We supply and fit garage doors here in Ireland. Over the years weve found the Henderson range to be top quality. To see pics and video's visit www.doorsgalore.ie and then look for youre nearest supplier. hope it helps !

Re: Garage door reviews - or how to shop

i think best option is to search in google and get the idea od pricing
stainless steel doors

Re: Garage door reviews - or how to shop

hi maria dont use the garage door company they took four months to complete mine it should have taken four hours

Clopay 2050 missing parts

I bought this Clopay 2050 on Sep 10, 2011 at HOME DEPOT (Brampton) and planning to install in the weekend. But when I open the Boxes and check every item list in the manual before do the installation and found out that the parts were missing, all most every important pieces are missing. In the manual and CD mention to call 1-800-225-6729 . I did call the number then they said I bought from Home Depot I should contact to Home depot and transfer my call to Home Depot , the person answer from Home deport transfer me back to Clopay support, at Clopay support try to transfer me back to Home depot again then I asked why did you guys just passing around, because i just call and the same person answer my call . I'm so frustratred and came direct to home depot and ask the gentement working at the Windows and doors apartment , he try to help me and order the new set hardware for me to replace the missing one. But untill today Sep 26, 2011 I still don't have any information about the replacement hardware. I came to home depot again and ask the status of the hardware, the genterment working there tell me the hardware still NOT SHIP. Now I have no choice is have to wait , because I told them I will return the Garage door and buy from another store, He said problably it will be the same, it may be all the dooor have missing pieces, and I will be charge on the re stock fee of the garage door.
Now I have to wait for the replacement hardware come, and hopefully that it's will come before the end of this year. It's screw up all my of my plans and schedules, every thing have to changes
This is my experience with the Clopay garage door product. Good luck for you all want to buy this product and you may be have the bester luck than me.


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