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Garage Door question

When i bought my house three years ago i was told that the two owners ago used the garage as a second living room and had the the garage door taken out and built a wall there. Then the owners before be put in the garage door and track. My problem is the door is not sealed up just right. I can see daylight almost all the way around mainly on the bottom, and the sides and top only sealed by the white rubber door seal. What can i do to seal this up better and to keep bugs and the cold getting in?

Re: Garage Door question

sounds like it either needs adjusting or new weatherstripping on the bottom

Re: Garage Door question

I assume you have a sectional garage door (for one piece garage door the answer is different) and you have a garage door opener.

If so, how is your weather strip at the bottom of the door? with door in open position, inspect it, squeeze it and look for cracks. If you find it necessary, replace it. If it's in good condition, you will need to adjust the "close" function on your opener, so the door is touching the floor when closed. Refer to your manual or call the manufacturer for help.

Not sure? call a garage door contractor, who for a little more than the price of a house call will make sure it works fine. Money worth spending.

Re: Garage Door question


I would suggest that you'll have to make a decision as to what use you want the room to serve and act accordingly; if the room is not going to be used as a carport, and especially if you live in a location with a cold climate, I would suggest you'd be better off removing the garage door & framing in the space with 2X4 members, siding & lots of insulation; include maybe a window; a garage door is simply too thin to keep out the cold, and there'll always be open cracks no matter how well you try to seal it up.

Re: Garage Door question

Garage doors don't sit particularly tight to the rough opening. There are filler strips with rubber or vinyl flaps on the top and sides that are adjusted to sit snug to the face of the door when it is completely closed.

If your garage floor is level, the bottom gasket should also be sitting tight. Sometimes the bottom section has to be scribed to allow for a slanting or bulging concrete floor. On wooden doors, the bottom section has an extra wide rail to allow for such scribing.

Too much tension by the electric opener at the header can sometimes bend the top of the door out from the header allowing an air gap.

Sounds like something an experienced door installer could fix in short order.

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