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Garage Door Opener Repair

My garage door opener has started closing only about 6 inches and going back up, approximately 20% of the time. If you hold the button until it gets almost to the bottom it will close fine. I've checked for obstructions to the rails. I also made sure that the obstruction detectors at the bottom of the door are aligned and giving a green signal. What else should I check?

A. Spruce
Re: Garage Door Opener Repair

Most common causes for this issue are:

1 - Safety sensors are loose, dirty, or misaligned. You said you checked alignment, check that they're not loose and that they're installed properly. I had this problem recently and everything seemed fine, upon closer inspection, one of the sensors was not installed on it's bracket properly and kept wiggling loose or out of alignment.

2 - The down pressure needs to be adjusted. There should be two adjustment screws on the motor that control the amount of for to exert before tripping the "fault" and reversing.

3 - Counter balance spring is broken. Without these springs, the door is too heavy for the opener to operate. Check the springs to make sure they're not broken. Leave the repair of these springs to a professional, they are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to handle if you are not familiar with them.

Re: Garage Door Opener Repair

Spruce is correct here, I just want to add that if you are not experienced, don't fiddle with the two FORCE screws (down and up), or you will mess them up. In that case, call a technician.

Re: Garage Door Opener Repair

Also if you have the torsion spring type of springs,they are the type that are above the door,and loaded and unloaded in a twisting motion of the springs,as opposed to stretching the springs,make sure they are oiled.
In my neck of the woods they get rusty,then tend to bind. It may not cause the door not to close at all,as in your case,but makes it operate a lot smoother and quieter.

Re: Garage Door Opener Repair

I just remembered my last home had a similar problem. My house was in Pittsburgh and it only happened when it was quite cold.
I did not solve the problem, but maybe that symptom will help you find a cure.

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