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garage-converted-living area (musty)

Hello everyone.

I'm currently residing in this living space converted from a garage at my uncle's place. I've been here long enough that the mustyness and thickness of the air, i'm already used too. But, when I come home, it's that brief 5 seconds while opening the door that reminds me that I have to fix this.

I'd like to note some things:
-two water heaters down here
-tile floor over the concrete
-has full bathroom and sink installed (albeit 2 decades ago)
-VERY slow water leak under sink pipe(1 week of sink use = less than 1/2 cup of water)
-noticed the behind the sink pipes, there's covering into the actual ground. I see dirt and soil. Like a car with no firewall
-3 basement like windows (only when they're open does it feel fresh in here, but it's winter)

That's about it. My i'm going to use a humidifier in the meantime, but i'd like to fix the source problem. Thanks in advance.

Keep in mind, broke college student posting so, please no huge overhaul suggestions.

Re: garage-converted-living area (musty)

From your description, I would think that your first step has to be to fix the leak, no matter how small it is.

After that, you replace whatever has mold, smelly or rotten.

Look, what you have is not pleasant and may be unhealthy condition. Being broke has nothing to do with it, and repair is not free. Actually repair done wrong is expensive, because you'll have to re-do in the future.

Re: garage-converted-living area (musty)

Thanks for your reply Dj1.

I hear you loud and clear. Although, I figured I'm done with school in a year, and it's not my place to fix. My uncle is allowing me to stay here rent free.. cheap skate won't fix it knowing this is a health hazard though. I'm well aware that it is also.. I just don't have the money. Simple as that.

So, this leak is the first order of business then.

As for any signs of mold.. I don't see any visible signs of it.

Re: garage-converted-living area (musty)(update)

I ran a dehumidifier and it collected about 3 drops of water.

I'm starting to think that i'm describing the feeling in this room wrongly.

I do think it feels musty, but more so the air is stale.

There is absolutely no ventilation in here, unless a window is open. It's a totally different feel from walking into a normal apartment. The door has an extension to prevent drafts. I'm considering removing it to have some kind of air flow in and out of here. Does anyone agree?

Re: garage-converted-living area (musty)

You need ventilation and fix the leak.

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