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Garage Attic Storage?

I have a garage that is just under 19'x20' with gabled ends and 2x4s on 24" centers for ceiling joists spanning the 19 feet. I have some light stuff stored in the attic space, but with about a 6" on 12" roof slope I feel that I am missing out on a lot of storage, which could potentially open up the garage floor for crazy activities like parking our Jeep. :eek:

My question is, what size beam could I run longitudinally to carry the load of heavier storage? I assume that 6x6 posts would carry the load at the ends, but should I triple 2x10s or 2x12s? It would be great to have the use of the garage I bought for a workshop and parking, but so far that hasn't panned out.

Timothy Miller
Re: Garage Attic Storage?
Timothy Miller

Do not store stuff on those 2b4s ....
The roof to wall tie in how much room above the ceiling joist if any facilatete a larger framing joist that would bear additional loading? Could sister the existing ceiling joists with larger framing members if there is room....
First are you in a area where you have a snow load? Do you have single or double top wall plate? Wall studs 16 or 24 on center; what is the garage walls sheathed with plywood or OSB???
So the issue of loading with a 19' span. Not knowing any more details i would suggest considering a girder running it in the center of the garage perpendicular to the ceiling joists to allow more loading. bearing the girder on tripled studs to the ground. However your garage door is probably at one end in not likely made for additional loading( the girder hanging on the header). But worth investigating further there are methods to strengthen that header to bear additional loads. A girder supported by some posts is a common method too.

Good time to consider talking to a lumberman with load design software. Or hire a structural engineer to tell you....

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