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Gaps in wood plank floor

I live in a small 141-year-old house. Upstairs, the floors are wide wood planks with large gaps in between them, that range from 1/8" to 1/2" (even in the summer with no AC). There is subfloor beneath.

Dust and dirt accumulate in these gaps, and it seems every time I drop an earring or something small, it seems to land in the gaps. :mad: Although I am tempted to just lay carpet and call it a day, I want to find something to fill the gaps.

I'm thinking something flexible. Caulk? If so, what kind? Has anyone had luck successfully filling the gaps and what did you use?

new age
Re: Gaps in wood plank floor

the best way to fix this is to use what would have been used in the old days, rope. Using a natural fiber rope soak it in an appropriate colored stain, let dry. then force the rope into the spaces between the floor boards, unraveling it as necessary to fit smaller cracks. The rope will allow the boards to expand and contract and prevent small items from falling through.


Re: Gaps in wood plank floor

Yep, New Age's post describes the traditional way. Stay away from crack fillers they dry out, crack, break, and disintegrate. Caulking will not stand up to foot traffic.

Re: Gaps in wood plank floor

Just about any modern filler that you use will degrade over time and look bad. It sounds like you have two choices. One is to pull up the floor boards and re-lay them. The next is to buy some kneepads, some rope, and some stain.

If it were me, I'd pull the boards up and re-lay them and get a better job of it.

Good Luck.

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