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Gaps between Hardwood Floors and Wall

I recently purchased a home built in the 1920's and have begun doing renovations. I am currently replacing the baseboard molding and have run into a problem. There are gaps between and the end of the flooring and the walls. In some places the gap is up to two inches wide. Even with 3/4" quarter round the baseboards do not come close to covering the gaps. The flooring is 1 1/2" wide boards, which are very difficult to come by. I welcome any suggestions. Thanks!


Timothy Miller
Re: Gaps between Hardwood Floors and Wall

Howdy this 2" wide of gap is very unusual- look under the floor and see if the wall has moved away from the floor joists if so a potential for collapse of this area of the structure is a possibility. Consider taking a few photos of the area below the wall inside and out and post them so we can see more of what is happening. My old home has a gap of an 1" but that is how it was made the base board was and inch wide and grooved to accept 3/4" wide base that is 8 " tall, think of corner round milled into 2by an then the 8" base trim set injo it
It is a berger to remove to renovate as the German craftsmen whom built the home were very good- built it , nailed, it to last beyond the 105 years it has stood.

Re: Gaps between Hardwood Floors and Wall

Thanks Tim. I had a home inspector look at the house before I bought it. He did not see a problem. In addition the joists are spanning the floor and are securely fastened to the wall. I also have floor jacks in the center of the span. I do believe the floor seperated from the wall as the house settled over the years, but it is 87 years old and still standing. That being said, I've decided to use oak strip to build the baseboards out from the wall. It seems to be the easiest solution.

Re: Gaps between Hardwood Floors and Wall

Whenever I've seen this much of a gap is when the flooring was a replacement or addition and the bases were left in place instead of removed.

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