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Galvanized iron pipe coming into house

I wanted to get some advise on a plumbing situation I have. The main sewer line that goes from the house to the street is bad and we are going to have it replaced this week. The company that is replacing it said that our water line coming into the house pretty much runs along the same path and they recommend replacing it too because it is the old galvanized iron. They said that eventually, this line will fail and we will lose water pressure. Our house was build in the 70's, and we live in South Carolina. While I don't doubt that the pipe will eventually fail one day, we currently have very good water pressure in our house. I am trying to decide if I spend the extra 300-400 dollars to have them replace the water line. It will be cheaper to do it now while the ground is open. Also, they mentioned that they would most likely end up cutting into the water line while replacing the sewer line. I worry about all that stress being put on an old pipe and it failing sooner because of that. I know the more cautious route would be to get the line replaced now, but I kind of don't want to spend the money right now, and we might be moving within the next year anyway. If it is something that likely will fail soon, I would go ahead and get it fixed. But if it might last another 10 or 15 years, I would rather not worry about it. Any opinions out there?

Re: Galvanized iron pipe coming into house

It's a no-brainer, esp. now that the fill around it is getting disturbed. Then new settling could easily do it in. When buried they will rust out at the beginnings of the threads, where all the zinc plating has been removed. And galv is also continuously rusting out from inside. The two corrosion points meet, and it leaks then severs. $400 seems reasonable to eliminate a problem that you know the clock is ticking on, which will only cost more later, and in terms of inconvenience.

Re: Galvanized iron pipe coming into house

This is the time to replace the line. It is way past due. I'm sure you will see a increase in pressure. Most galvanized lines have closed off or failed at the age of yours.


Re: Galvanized iron pipe coming into house


Re: Galvanized iron pipe coming into house

Replace it by all means.

40 years is a long time for an underground galvanized pipe to last.

It's not just a matter of pressure being less as time goes on--as the others have stated, the real danger is rust-through, which is almost certainly near.

You'll see exactly what we mean when the old line is exposed, and you will be glad you spent the money. Any potential buyer will be glad to know there's a new sewer and water service.

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