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Gable Vent Screening

My husband discovered that areas of the screen behind the gable vent are no longer attached. We realize it needs to be fixed before any little creatures decide to take up residence in our attic. We live in Massachusetts. Can we wait until spring to repair it or should we do it now? Our concerns are, if we repair now and a creature is up there, how will it get out? If we don't repair it now, come spring before we have a chance to fix it, creatures can get in.
Your advice please. Thanks.

Re: Gable Vent Screening

It would probably be a good idea to inspect the attic for signs of critters (just use caution in case there are any). Look for droppings or nest materials. (do you hear sounds at night like little feet on the drywall, or gnawing on the wood. If you find any signs you may need to wait or if it is really bad get an exterminator. If you don't see or hear any signs of animals you should probably fix the problem now. Hope this helps you out.


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