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Furnace won't go one. It is so cold!

Help! Winter has hit and I'm not sure if it's colder outside or inside.
I have checked the programable thermastate and the batteries. I changed the furnace filter.

When I turn off the switch located right by the furnace, and then I turn it back on, the furnace will run for about 5- 8 minutes, but the blower never comes on.

The furnace I have is a Goodman, forced air heat with an electronic ignighter. It is only about 2 years old.

Help or else I will be forced to bundle the family up and go to stay with someone else. And tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so not much hope of getting help (or parts) tomorrow.

Re: Furnace won't go one. It is so cold!

Sue .... An awkward time for it to happen .... I feel for you.

When you say it runs for 5-8 minutes .... do the burners flame up ?

Try putting the fan switch over from "auto" to "on" and see if the fan turns on. It may be the blower (fan) motor is not working.

A. Spruce
Re: Furnace won't go one. It is so cold!

Check to make sure that the circuit breaker supplying the furnace isn't tripped or partially tripped.

Re: Furnace won't go one. It is so cold!

I have a Goodman furnace as well and the same thing happened to me last year. Check your flame sensor it may need to be cleaned. Once i did this the furnace worked fine.

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