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Furnace vent problems - and floods

We just purchased a Victorian that has a newer furnace (installed 2002) that is vented to the outside. I noted during the home inspection that there was a lot of erosion on one of the basement walls and water stains. During a recent rain storm that area was soaking wet as was the area under the furnace. On further checking I discovered that the furnace vent was caulked most everywhere but on top, and so for 7 years water was cascading down the exterior walls and migrating into the house on the plastic vent pipe. I caulked the pipe and during the last rain was happy that the eroded wall area was dry.


now I have *more* water leaking from the bottom of the furnace. I did notice that the vent was originally installed about 5 degrees from level (http://www.frontiernet.net/~nylicens/vent.jpg) so it is tipped so rain can enter. It doesn't help that there is a blocked gutter above the area (roofers are coming shortly however). Short of having an HVAC guy come and reroute or remount the vent is there some sort of cover I can get that will protect the vent from the elements and still allow it to function?

Re: Furnace vent problems - and floods

I wouldn't block it with anything! It's called a Concentric vent and has air intake as well as exhaust. I have never seen a cover made for this as it would make the furnace unusable. It should only be angled toward the furnace 1/4" per foot. I'm not going to get out my calculator and Trig out 5 degrees but it seems a bit extreme. I don't know how it's piped on the inside but if the angle is more than what is recommended a cut above the furnace and a coupling with a filler piece of PVC should be a fix. Good Luck!!!:)

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