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Furnace help

When we turn on our furnace the pilot lites and stays on for a couple of minutes nothing happens. Then pilot shuts down and furnce flashes code 34 pilot proving error. After 10 minutes more it flashes 14 pilot proving lockout. What is going on? HELP

Re: Furnace help

Oops. The model of our furnace is Bryant 90 Plus i.

Re: Furnace help

Sounds like the flame sensor, or thermocouple is dirty or bad.

Re: Furnace help

Can't say for sure …… it could be one of several things ... the igniter could be going bad or dirty ….. vent could have an obstruction of some kind …. inducer blower not running …. pressure switch not making ... the ground wire has a poor connection ….. gas pressure …. burners not lighting ….. etc.

It might be a good idea to call out a service tech. to service your furnace.

Gray Watson
Re: Furnace help

You need to refer to your owners manual, if you don't have it you'll need your model number to find the correct one, Bryant 90 is not a model number. As suggested it might be a flame sensor issue, a loose wire to the board from the sensor, even a cracked board contact. Code 14 is usually an ignition lockout which should happen about 15 sec or so when the flame sensor sequence has failed. Many things can lead to a code 34 besides a failing or dirty flame sensor. When was the last time you had your furnace inspected and tuned? Cycling the circuit breaker or power switch (keep off for a half a minute to several minutes before re-closing) may give you a fresh start if you have had several failed codes and now are in complete lockout.

This thread on another site might be helpful to you as you explore your options:


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