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funny smell after removing backsplash

Hi All.

Hopefully this is where I am to post this.... I wasn't sure where.

I have an old home (1942 vintage), and i went and removed some old backsplash. It looked like some sort of vinyl to me, so it may have been put in a long time after construction.

Anyway, after the vinyl was removed there was this strong odor that I can't really place... I'd like to say stagnant water, but am not sure.

The paper under the backsplash looked wet, but it has long since dried out, and I still have the smell. I don't see any kind of mold anywhere, or any water staining other than what was on the paper. So before i start demolishing things, does anyone know what this might be? And how I might deal with this without drilling and blasting?

Any help is appreciated.


Re: funny smell after removing backsplash

Remove the back splash and the drywall (or plaster) completely down to the studs. Now look it - you might have mold, mildew, dry rot or other things out there. I bet that all damages are water related, but I wouldn't rule out other causes.

Whatever you have, you need to treat it, let dry and see if it helped before you do anything else.

Plz report back.

Re: funny smell after removing backsplash

Hi dj1.

Thanks for the response. That sounds like a good plan of attack. It will take me a little bit of time, but I will remove what I can get to at the back splash area, and see if I see anything.

What should I treat the area with? What is good?


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