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funny odor

Our home is 30 years old and had several owners before, some with dogs. Our bedroom and hall have an odor, I think it smells like onions. Our floors are OSB and we are planning to replace them next year, but in the meantime I am trying to figure out what that smell could be. It is not from cooking. Could it be MOLD? Any idea what that could be?

A. Spruce
Re: funny odor

My suspicions is that it's just dirt and pet odors that you're smelling. Regardless of what you plan to do for floor coverings, I would highly recommend that you scr-ape stuck debris and remove any carpet tack strips, vacuum the entire floor to remove all the dust and debris, then seal it with several coats of BIN primer (Zinsser, red label ). This will seal odors and stains in and prepare the floor ready for new floor coverings.

I would also be inclined to seal the walls and ceilings with BIN, then top with two coats of a good quality paint. Barring any leaks or mold issues, this will absolutely seal in any stain and odor from previous residents.

Re: funny odor

Hey A. Spruce, thanks for taking the time to give me good advise, Hubby & I will do just that.

Re: funny odor

If you notice molds then probably it's one of the causes of that smell. Thoroughly clean your flooring and if possible and if budget permits, you can change the wall paint or wallpaper and the tiles as well. Is there a ventilation inside your bedroom? If none, I suggest you put even a small window just to have some air circulation. It might also be the aircon/heater in your house. I suggest have it cleaned monthly or quarterly, depending on your usage and preference. Use air conditioners liberally. Who would want an onion smelling house right? I hope I helped you somehow with your problem.

Re: funny odor

I think you should check for skunks or past owners having pets as skunks. A skunk spray with time it would settle more and smell more like onions.

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