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Frustrating Heaters

Can anybody tell me what I have done wrong when I took the heaters off of my foundation walls to put up studs and then reconnected the heaters only to have the breakers trip when I turn the power on. The wires did not get crossed and I made sure that I put them back on the way they were before this mess. Thank you.

Re: Frustrating Heaters

Did you nail through any wires?
Did you use steel studs and scrape any wires?
Did you connect ground to a terminal?
Use a meter unhook all the wires check each leg to ground.If you don't know how get an electrician.

Re: Frustrating Heaters

Turn the power off, disconnect the wires and put wire nuts on them. Set the wires so they aren't touching each other or ground. Flip the breaker on and see if it trips. Might be a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy. If it trips you have damage the wiring, if it doesn't you probably hooked it up wrong.

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