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Frost Proof Outdoor Facuet Issues???

Five years ago I installed a Frost Proof Outdoor faceut on the north side of my house. Each and every year I have had nothing but issues with it the first 2 years water sprayed out of the plastic knob on the top and the water that did come out was about half pressure of the one at the rear of the house and the water main in is about 6 feet from this Frost Proof facuet which should be better than what I get at the rear facuet that does not have this Frost Proof type Facuet. Last year it came out the top and barely had any water come out the facuet itself. And now this year nothing comes out anywhere. not the top nor the facuet itself. I thought using this was to help with issues and yet all this has caused is major issues. Why does this happen if the seal/valve is inside the house and better protected than the usual facuet used?

Might have to go back to the old standard ones because this is costing me more time and money playing to get it to trickel out some water if any. I hate plumbing and thought this would be the "Best" way to go but now I doubt these are worth it at all. Will have to replace it and go back to the old only good thing is I installed a shut off to this so I don't have to sut the whole house off to replace this.

Just wondering why they promote something that is useless!!!


Re: Frost Proof Outdoor Facuet Issues???

are you turning off the tap from the inside come cold weather season? water inside the line may be freezing up and destroying the gaskets and pipes if you arent

Re: Frost Proof Outdoor Facuet Issues???

Frost proof faucets work great if installed properly. They must be sloped toward the spigot end and don't leave the hose connected during the winter.


Re: Frost Proof Outdoor Facuet Issues???

im currently having problems with mine and i found the elbow on my water line was clogged.

Re: Frost Proof Outdoor Facuet Issues???

You mean the kind where the actual valve is roughly about a foot or so in from the spigot, right? I've had one I installed roughly 2-3 years ago and it has worked great and has been trouble free. Like John mentions, I did install it where it sloped slightly down towards the spigot. Maybe you got a bad one.

Re: Frost Proof Outdoor Facuet Issues???

You should be able to;

1- turn off the shut off valve inside the house (if there isn't one, install one)

2- take the valve stem out of the valve body by loosening the large hex nut on the outside.

3- clean out any gunk by turning the inside valve back on, in a few short bursts

4- check the water flow rate

5- re-assemble the valve stem.

Re: Frost Proof Outdoor Facuet Issues???

Thanks but with all the trouble I am done with "Frost Proof... It might be frost proof but it is nothi8ng but trouble... And I never heard it has to be tilted downward going out of the house that is hard to do when replacing a standard with one of these so called trouble free facuets. I am going back to the standrad ones that was i don't have to play around with it. the water was shut off and the outside left open for a week before it was shut last Oct. S0o I am not sure but every year since it was installed it never gave much water and when you open it it would as mentioned above would have water come out the top not the facuet iotself.

It must be a Marketing issue because it is just way to much work to keep one working and a standard outdoor facuet sually last about 20 years not maybe 1 or two years because failing...

Thanks but no thanks. At my father house he has had the same standard one for over 50 years and never any issues. So I can only still wonder why go with something you have to work on often to get simple water out of???

I guess its where Plumbers can make a few dollars servicing them when they don't work...

This is my last reply to this I am just going with a simple outdoor facuet because this is more trouble than it is worth having to work on it just is not worth the time and especially the money...


Re: Frost Proof Outdoor Facuet Issues???

Some brands are better than others. I've had the same sort of problems with Mueller QuarterMaster sillcocks. I really like Arrowhead products.

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