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Front Porch & retainer wall replacement

I am buying a house in Ithaca NY and there is a little issue with the front porch and retainer wall that I'm trying to get ideas on. I've attached a picture so you can see what I'm talking about.

The retainer wall on the left of the garage door is leaning against the trim of the garage and not properly supporting the weight of the front porch. We'd like to excavate that area and place a door on the left side of the garage door.
That would completely remove that retainer wall and we would need to do something new with the porch.

I'd really like to place a concrete foundation at the same level as the driveway and have it retain the land on the left side of the porch. I'd likely wish to build wood stairs as they are easier to repair, don't crack, and aren't as slippery as concrete tends to be in the winter.

I've looked for pictures of similar ideas, but I fall short.
Any suggestions, tips, or ideas would be welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Front Porch & retainer wall replacement

You have several things going on and all of them will take work. The retaining wall is not retaining anything and at some point, it's going to tear the trim off the garage door and fall into the opening.

The foundation is failing to hold it up. You'll need to get all the dirt out from behind the wall, push it back, and I would pour more concrete around the foundation of the wall. Best case would be to tie it to the basement wall or foundation wall of the house. That would keep it in place for the future.

Putting a door in, next to the left side of the garage door will not be easy. It looks like a poured wall/foundation wall that you want to put the door in. Since it's a foundation wall, I wouldn't want to fool with it. If you do, look at the structure of the house to see how it relies on that part of the wall. You're going to have to address that before taking out the wall for the doorway.

You may want to get the opinion of a good contractor before you start that part of the job.

Good Luck.

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