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Front porch leaks water into basement

I've been searching for answers on this, but not many people seem to have this situation. Any advice is much appreciated!
Facts: home built in 1915. We reside in WI, in an area of heavy precipitation. We have owned it just over a year.

About the specific problem:
Our front porch sits in the foundation. It is roofed, but open on two sides to the elements. It leaks water into our basement when there is heavy rain or snow. It needs painting, so I am thinking I should tackle the leakage issue at the same time. The basement s unfinished, but the electrical box sits under the porch, hence it's getting wet. Also the wetness causes a funk, even with the use of dehumidifiers.
Would like to do this job ourselves, as the house has other fixes we'll have to contract.
Also, best paint for this situation?

Re: Front porch leaks water into basement

Have you checked the pitch of the front porch. With old houses, the house has settled over the years, but the weight on the porch foundation is much less so the porch foundation settles less, causing the porch floor to pitch toward the house instead of away from it. If this is the case, then this needs to be addressed first before doing anything else.

You probably don't have any flashing left either. You may need to take up the porch floor boards and reflash the rim joist to keep water out of the basement.

Re: Front porch leaks water into basement

Thanks Keith, that's something that may be causing the problem. Especially since there is a little pooling in one area. I'm going to check that pitch right now! Of course it's a bigger fix than I hoped, but that's the joy of an old house!

Re: Front porch leaks water into basement

Been there, done that. If you do find a pitch problem, post details on the construction of your porch and I and maybe some others here can give you ideas on how to fix it with the least amount of work/cost. A few pictures showing the construction details of the porch (mostly from underneath the porch) and the porch to house connection will be helpful too.

Re: Front porch leaks water into basement

One question, does the basement run under the porch?


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