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Front load washer savings numbers are in

I bought at new GE Front loader Model WCVH6260HWW Energy Star® 3.7 IEC Cu. Ft. King-Size Capacity Front January 31st 2008.

It was delivered from the factory on Feb 6th, 2008.

I kept track of electricity and wather usage through this month and I can attest to the savings.

The water bill is in and I saved massive amounts on our water bill. This time last year I used 50% more water than I did this month. That's awesome. Oh and I've compared my electric bill with this time last year and I'm doing about the same on electricity usage but I know I'm doing a lot more laundry. My youngest boy changes clothes about 4 times a day. He's messy.

In truth, had I known it would take anywhere from 38 minutes to 2 hours and 15 minutes to do a load I wouldn't have been so jazzed about getting this front loader. It's the spin, it takes a lot longer to get a fast spin out of it so it wastes a lot of time getting there.

There is one more oddity about this machine, it locks like it's ready to just get working and then it unlocks, waits a few minutes and relocks. The installers said that's to allow me to add more clothes and to make sure the clothing isn't lodged in the door. The whole ordeal takes 5 minutes of time it could be washing. If I'm unfortunate enough to actually add more clothes it slows the cycle down by another 5 minutes.

I guess the good out weighs the bad and I'm sure the savings will recover the expense of the machine in a few years but this first month has been a real learning experience.

I only bought the washer, I'll post about the dryer when it comes in after the economic stimulus check arrives.

Re: Front load washer savings numbers are in

I'm really surprised Debby, I thought you pioneer type folks down there in Oklahoma still beat your clothes on a rock down at the creek.:D

Re: Front load washer savings numbers are in

That would be the "crick" not "creek" !! :D ;)

Re: Front load washer savings numbers are in

There's never enough water in the river to get down there to wash. Plus there's too much quick sand between the sand bars. By the time I've pulled one kid from one pit, I've gotta pull the other from another. I can't get much laundry doing that.

Then there's the work they are doing on the Low Water dam and tern island down stream. The Army Corp of Engineers are keeping the river bed dry until that work can be completed. The creeks around here are fed by the river. No water coming out of the dam means no water in the river means no water in the crick.

I guess I could use the cement pond, but then the frogs might complain.

We're way behind in rain again so we pipe the water in from a lake 50 miles away. I pay mileage on my water. :rolleyes:

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