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front hall flooring ?

I'm renovating an historic home in New England. The living room, off the front entrance, has beautiful old pine flooring in great condition. The entrance has a sturdy, intact but ugly laminate. How can I possibly try to match the old flooring, or else what is appropriate front hall flooring in an old house?

Re: front hall flooring ?

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Re: front hall flooring ?

You can talk off the current laminate flooring. And install the colored pine flooring at the entrance.

Re: front hall flooring ?

Ceramic tile is great for an entrance b/c it is so durable and easy to clean. Plus, the right shade/color can look excellent with the pine in the other room. Alternatively, go for another hardwood, like oak and have t stained as close to the pine in the other room.

Re: front hall flooring ?

Wood floors are consistently the most effective way to improve the appearance of a home. Matching the original floors in an older home is very difficult. Sometimes if there are only small areas at issue, if available, the original wood can be pulled from closets or attics to match. You may also want to consider removing the original floors and installing new distressed wood floors. Many wood floor installers for large retail shops take side jobs for installation and charge as little as $2.50 per square foot for installation. The installers can usually obtain the materials at wholesaler costs, and the jobs can be done quite reasonably. Many of my clients in Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla have gone this route. To see the floors that are popular today in San Diego homes please visit my real estate site to view photos.

Re: front hall flooring ?

ceramic is the best !

Re: front hall flooring ?

I think matching your old home floors is not a easy task.You can also remove the old floors and make new one distressed wood floors.

Re: front hall flooring ?

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Re: front hall flooring ?

pink in the entrance is just like purs.. looks good and cool!!

Re: front hall flooring ?

I wish you had a picture attached. It's a little difficult to imagine. I think trying to match the wood is not going to work. This is going to sound a little nuts considering the other suggestions but I have seen a couple old homes that have the wide pine floors and they have a glossed brick entry floor. Originally they would have used full thickness bricks but you probably can get an antique looking 1/2 thickness brick with all the products on the market today.


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