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Front door threshhold rot underneath

I have a typical inswing double door (one is inactive) with two sidelights. I looks like it is sitting on a one long piece of threshhold - about 7.5 feet. There has been some leaks at the ends of the doors over time and I noticed that the aluminum sill on the concrete stoop is sinking down toward the door side, which may indicate that the wood underneath is rotting.

Is it possible to replace this threshhold with a new one, rather than replace the entire door? The doors are steel. Thanks for any advice.

Re: Front door threshhold rot underneath

The simple answer is yes.

If the threshold is part of the jambs, separate them.

Re: Front door threshhold rot underneath

Every door unit I've installed has the threshold screwed into the jambs from underneath, making it impossible to replace without removing the unit and laying it down. The reason they are made like this is so the jambs can't spread apart. I find it unlikely that the metal has rotted, it would be the jambs, the subfloor, and/or the rim joist.

Re: Front door threshhold rot underneath

Thank you both dj1 and Sombreuil Mongrel.

Following up on Somgreuil's comment:

We may have to replace the concrete (stoop and the porch) anyway. So, once the concrete has been all removed, would it be possible to unscrew the threshhold from underneath along with whatever else rotted (subfloor), without taking down the door structure?

Thanks for your help.

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