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Re: fresh dirt mound with holes EVERYWHERE

OK Here is the link of pics for my yard problem they really are not holes they are more of a fresh dirt mound with a hole in the center hopefull these pics will help with getting some answers

A. Spruce
Re: fresh dirt mound with holes EVERYWHERE

You are better off just uploading the pic here now that you can post links and images, rather than trying to link to a site that won't allow viewing of said images unless you are a member.

fixin the hack jobs
Re: fresh dirt mound with holes EVERYWHERE

It looks like ihas been a while since a new post has been made for you, and no clear answer. I do not have one either, but I've got a few comments.

MUD DOBBERS are similar to wasps, yellow jackets...They burrow into the ground and may have a mound, may not. I know they sting and it hurts A LOT!

I'm guessing your treatments for grubs, etc. took care of ANTS. They have a dirt mound. (Captain Obvious here...)

TERMITES make dirt mounds, or one for the nest with many entrances. This is a bad thing and needs an exterminator because the usual thing from any store will not kill a large hive like it sounds like you described.

MOLE holes are about an inch around and may or may not have a nice tunnell (sp?) to see. (Captain Obvious strikes again!)

That's all I've got for you....good luck with a remedy!


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