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French Door Stiles failing

I installed a pair of exterior french doors (south face in So. California), which I finished myself with two coats of Kils primer and three coats of Benj Moore Super spec exterior grade paint. Recently I have had a new concrete patio installed below the doors, which brought some moisture to the doors. Where the stiles meet the bottom rails, I have some swelling and failure of the paint. This paint is less than two months old, and was very well painted. Any suggestions on proper repair? These are brand new doors and very expensive. Please help.

Re: French Door Stiles failing

Did you prime and paint the bottom edge of the doors also?

Without knowledge of that and/or any picsof the situation.....I'd say let the doors dry out well and then do any necessary repairs/applications of primer and paint.

Are these doors solid wood....or are they MDF or similar cores with veneer over the top? If the latter and no primer & paint on the bottom edge...that may be the major culprit. And *if* they are MDF or Masonite or similar.....they may never shrink back down to dead flat. In that case you may have to sand them flat in these areas once they are dry, then prime and paint.

Again....without more info.....tough call from here.

Re: French Door Stiles failing

Thanks for your reply. Yes I certainly primed and painted the bottoms. They are solid wood, with veneers on the bottom and top rails.

Do you think it would be a good idea to cut back the veneer an inch or so from the seem, and fill, to deal with the failed glue?

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