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Framing a wall in the basement with obstructions

I live in Colorado so with the expansive soil issues we have here we are required to build a floating wall when framing in the basement.  I think I have that part figured out but have run into another issue.  I want to put a wall and door around my mechanicals to separate them from the rest of the basement.  I have duct work, copper water lines and gas lines running perpendicular to where I want to put the wall. How do I put in the top plate with all of the pipes and duct work there?  I have included some pictures of the area and all the pipes.  Any and all help will be appreciated.

Re: Framing a wall in the basement with obstructions


You will not have a full length top plate. You will set it only where you can secure the lumber to structure. You can use the bottom plate as your floater. I would also set at least a 4x4 under the corner of the stair stringer. That is a weak point currently.

For the top where there are object, just build the structure around them. Giving ample clearance of course. I would wrap the duct in metal foil insulation. So that the wooden structure will not get too hot, or condensate drip on the wood.

Be sure to check your local building codes about enclosing the gas water heater. You may need to run a fresh air duct from the outside after you enclose the space. Don't cover any of the valves, or provide access to them if you need.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: Framing a wall in the basement with obstructions

Thanks Andrew. I appreciate all the information.  I already have a fresh air duct from the outside for the furnace and the water heater, they are on the back side of the furnace so they don't show in the pictures.  Thanks for the tip on the 4x4 I will get that done this weekend.

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