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Framing Up Second Floor Walls

I am building a small 2-story building, without the benefit of the usual construction machinery. The first floor is framed and t&g T1-11 sheathed, with load path steel strapping to the top of the studs and top plate. The strapping sticks up several feet above the second floor joists and flooring.

Now that I am getting ready to add a second floor to my building, I am wondering if there might be an easier way to put up the second floor walls. I am not looking forward to hanging the second floor sheathing from the top of a ladder.

Does anyone know an easy way to frame up the walls and sheath them on the second floor, to lift in place, AND still incorporate the hanging out strapping from below, between the studs + tyvek, and the sheathing? I would appreciate any constructive suggestions.

Re: Framing Up Second Floor Walls

What if you put the tyvec and sheathing on the wall first, stand the wall up and wrap the strapping on the inside of the plate instead of the outside. You might have to notch the plate on the bottom and the inside so you don't have problems later but that would be a whole lot easier than working on a ladder. Set your plates together side by side with the bottom side up and use a router to dado them all at once for the strap, then do the same to the edges of the plates. Just an idea, hope it helps.

Calcats ;)

Re: Framing Up Second Floor Walls
jkirk wrote:

pre build the walls on the floor and stand them, you can put your tyvek on and allow enough to lap down over the lower section of it so to allow for proper water run off, you can put small sections of strapping on, just leave out the area where the floor framing is and have the sider put it on as they come up the wall

Thanks to calcats and jkirk for their thoughtful suggestions. After reading both, I happened to think that a combination of routing room for an interior strap, and cutting a slot in the flooring to allow the strapping to come from below might work. Have to think about how to finish this off on the second floor. Probably moulding or trim. Thanks again.

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