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Timothy Miller
framing a lower ceiling edge

Howdy have a 13 by 15' family room with 9" ceiling compatibly. I want to have a ceiling that has 2' wide and one foot lower, then the rest of the ceiling, around the whole outside of the room . Will frame it with 2by 6 Douglas fur joists with no storage loading. Should i on the lower area frame it doubling the joists where the intersecting shorter joists to longer ones like making an attic access hole? Hope this is not too confusing.....

A. Spruce
Re: framing a lower ceiling edge

I've seen these soffits done two ways, one is to lap the end of the horizontal and vertical member and nail together, the other way is to butt one into the other and use a plywood gusset on the side or both sides to connect the two firmly.

The vertical member would be nailed to the side of the above ceiling joists, the walls could be attached to a ledger or bare stud if the wall is open.

If you're attaching the vertical members to the surface of the ceiling, then I'd recommend lag bolting a ledger into the ceiling joists and face nail the vertical member to the ledger. I actually just used this method in a garage conversion that required a soffit to cover exposed mechanicals.

On another project that I was party to where we did this, we also ran the drywall horizontal drywall 4" past the vertical face and installed a piece of molding to create a bit of a pocket. Inside the pocket was placed rope lighting to give the recessed ceiling some back lighting. The lighting really set off the whole area.

Re: framing a lower ceiling edge

think of short wall framing ---- top and bottom plates with studs 16 in on center.

1 -- from the ceiling secured to the ceiling joists ---down 1 foot

the other --- 2 foot minus the depth of the stud.secured to the wall and the other end fastened to the vertical studs.

I agree with jkirk --- metal studs would be very simple and lighter.

Timothy Miller
Re: framing a lower ceiling edge

Thanks everyone for replying will implement the suggestions.

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