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framing issues

Our house has a Hip roof where the rafters are supported at their very ends by cantilevered ceiling joists on two sides of the house, and by 3 foot "blocking" nailed to the last ceiling joist on each of the remaining sides of the house(Like a Gable end roof). The joists/blocking form the soffit outside and the rafters are not touching the bearing walls at all. Where the rafters are supported by the short blocking, the weight of the roof is forcing the eaves down, and in turn, lifting the last ceiling joist inside the bedrooms, which they are attached to perpendicularly only by nails. I have begun remodeling for our new baby, and discovered this problem after gutting the room. Before realizing what was actually going on, I was just planning on scabbing a straight board onto the side of the joist that was raised in order to bring it down even with the others so i wouldn't have a wavy ceiling... But I think a bigger fix may be needed. Any suggestions would be great!

Re: framing issues

It's not necessarily a poor design, if the joists were sturdy enough; in your case, they were not. Even as I was reading the description, I was waiting for you to say that there was a vertical member in line with the wall plate supporting each rafter ; I agree that adding one now can only forestall worsening of the situation. There is no force you could apply that would be able to straighten out the bows that have been seasoned into your framing for many decades. You could sister bowed members (after pulling all surfaces) so that straight lines could be achieved. Conversely, things that bowed down could be planed straight, after the skin was removed, and the necessary row of pony studs got installed.

Re: framing issues

Why not double or triple up the main ceiling joist with larger joist and install the verticle kickers up from the wall plate to the rafter

Example: existing 2x6 ceilings joist. Double/triple existing joist with 2x8's

Re: framing issues

I have been thinking about those same ideas of installing pony studs or even a tiny knee wall... But now I am searching for a way to possibly lift the eaves/rafters to get them to their proper homes. The only idea I've found so far is to try and lift the eaves using long poles/boards standing on bottle jacks.

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