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Foundation Help needed

We just purchased two houses that are on one property. The house that we are currently living in(one of the two purchased) has the foundation under the bedroom, which only has a crawl space, bowing or moving out from under the sill. We have lived in this house three years now and first noticed it last summer and this summer it got worse. One thing that I have noticed is that it tends to "pull" back in in the winter (when the ground freezes). Is there an "easy, quick" fix, or is it more complicated. We live in SW Minnesota and have a frost line at about 48 inches, give or take"

Re: Foundation Help needed

Do you have water laying in the crawl space during the summer?

Unfortunately when it comes to foundation repairs there's no "easy or quick fix ".

Perhaps you might call a foundation repair contractor to appraise the situation first hand.

Re: Foundation Help needed

No we do not have water in the crawl space over summer. I understand that there is no easy, quick, or cheap fix. Is there a good fix? Or is replacement the only option? I know I have a lot of questions, however I do not know am\nybody local that really does foundations. :confused:

The wall itself (the brick foundation) looks as though someone tried to fix it before by putting cement on the exterior. I'm not sure what they were trying to accomplish.

Re: Foundation Help needed

It sounds drainge related. Is there weeping tile around the foundation? Before any foundation fix I'd look into potential water/drainage issues. Weeping tile should remove water from around the foundation, but installing it could be dangerous to you and the house if the foundation has shifted a lot. You might be able to look into having a directional drilling company shoot in some perforated pipe. This would be costly and still wouldn't solve the foundation issues, but might address the seasonal shifting.

I've seen where a new foundation has been built for an existing house from the inside out. Essentially over time the house would fully be supported by the new foundation. Certainly not a cheap fix, but I'm not sure an inexpensive fix exists.

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