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Foundation Drain Pipe Found to be Full of Dirt or Sand

Hello All,

  The house is a single story typical ranch in Maine built in the nineteen eighties. It has a concrete basement as the foundation. It's been well maintained and cared for. The house sits on level ground with a good slope down to the backyard.

  Recently the basement flooded in this late winter, early spring. I uncovered the foundation drain at the bottom of the hill in the backyard from the snow. The pipe was plugged with sand and dirt. I tried to clean the pipe out, but could only get a roof rake pole into the pipe end about six feet, it was packed. The pipe extends from the basement, to the bottom of the backyard, about fifteen feet. 

  We brought in a power snake and was able to push through the pipe up into the drain box in the basement floor. The drain box in the basement which is concrete, is cast into the basement floor. The drain box was also filled with the sand and dirt. 

  The system has been cleaned and flushed and a sump pump with a float trigger has been placed in the drain box, but not blocking the drain of course, as a back up now.

  This is not my current home, it is now my exwives home but we are great friends. When I lived there more then eight years ago, I know water flowed out the drain pipe in the back yard and you could hear the water gurgle in the floor drain in the basement after a good storm.

  Something has changed, we can't figure out where all this sand dirt has come from and how it filled the entire drain pipe AND drain box. 

  There has been no work done around the exterior of the house or basement anywhere or any excavation done since we lived there for more then fifteen years. The drain had been performing well  

  My assumption is the water barrier on the exterior wall of the basement foundation that connects to the basement floor drain and drain pipe, has gone amuck?    

  Any clues of what might of caused this or if someone else's has seen this situation and knows the cure, any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for reading,


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