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Foundation Crack

I have a horizontal crack in the poured concrete foundation wall of my 50 year old home. I had five companies give bids, with several different ways to fix it. I hired a structural engineer to tell me which method would be best, only to find out the method and company he suggested was his son's company. Not trusting that advice, I now turn to you. Everyone agrees that I need to do grading and get the water from the downspout farther out, so that is a given. They all say I do not need beams, but could put them in since I plan to live here for years, and that would mean I should never have to deal with it again. Some people want to fill the crack with a urethane crack injection, some an epoxy crack injection, some by chinking the crack out and then filling it with epoxy. The epoxy people say the urethane doesn't help structually, the urethane people say the epoxy is too hard, and will make new cracks come along the wall. Help! AND, if epoxy is best, do I have it injected, or packed in??? Thanks!

Re: Foundation Crack

It's sad that you have done all the right things and still have to ask a question like this here. Your engineer should be giving you advice, the fact that it's his son's company is disturbing and a conflict of interest. I would talk to the engineer again and voice your concerns. Only a structural engineer should advise you on what repair should be done, if you don't trust the one you have now, you should hire another.

Now I'm not an expert but from what I've read the epoxy is for structural repairs, the urethane is for sealing the gap and preventing water.

If you go with epoxy with an actively moving crack the crack will reopen or cause another crack at the next weakest spot.

Urethane just fills the crack, preventing water etc. It will also move with crack as long as the movement is minor.

Sorry I can't be more helpful

Re: Foundation Crack

If your crack is just a cosmetic problem that is causing a water problem, I would open the crack on the outside and inside and clean it out. On the outside and inside I would use the urethene to fill the crack. On the outside I would cover the crack with a good foundation sealer. On the inside I would use something like Dry-Loc cement paint to prevent water leaks, make sure you get in all the crevices with the paint. Your engineer should be schooling you on all of this. I think it is worth the money to get a second opinion on this matter. Is the crack bad enough to be considered a structural problem? You need to be sure about this because if it is you want to fix it right not just patch it. Good Luck !!


Re: Foundation Crack

Thanks for the advice. I have now had the crack repaired. I went with the urathane foam. Even though everyone said it was not a structual problem, I went ahead and had beams put in place every 6 feet to be sure the wall doesn't move and create a new crack. I had grading work done to be sure there was a positive grade and to have a new drain installed that goes out 20 feet from the gutter downspout. I plan to live here forever, and just wanted to do what would keep me from ever having to think about it again. Thanks for your advice! I appreciate the time taken to answer.

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