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found real unfinished wood beind wallpaper

MY husband and I just bought a home that was built in the 1950s. We pulled down the old wallpaper in one of our bedrooms and discovered unfinished wood. It is in great shape. We pulled out the tack nails and you cant even see it. It is a great color as well. What do we do with it? We are new at all of this. Do we finish it and if so how! Please help someone!

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Re: found real unfinished wood beind wallpaper

If it's unfinished, you could just do a little sanding and put a coat of polyurethane on it to seal the wood. A matt finish poly will leave a texture like flat wall paint. If the wood has been waxed, it will need to be aggressively sanded to remove the wax or the poly will not stick. That's what I'd suggest. You can finish it anyway you could finish wood furniture.

Re: found real unfinished wood beind wallpaper

Being the wood is unfinised, I would assume the w/paper was glued on, ... first make sure the glue is gone. This "getting wet" will raise the pours of the wood. Give it time to dry out after washing the glue off, if you haven't already. Then, sand it down, this may lighten the wood a bit but, wiping the dust off will reveal the end color. Use "Tack Cloth" to wipe it down. then, stain if you like. Seal with what you like. There are alot of different options. Take your time, don't rush through it, you will be disappointed with the end result. Lay out plastic over the floor, it can be a messy job.

Rich Kelly

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