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Found good way to store large dog food bags

Spent some time this past weekend solving a problem, and thought I'd share.

I have 2 large lab-size dogs, so I have to buy food in bulk to save trips to the store. I typically buy ~35 lb bags, which I store inside near the dog bowls. I have been looking for a solution for storing this bag inside my house, but in a non-conspicuous way. There are a lot of products for storing dog food, but most are 1) too small to hold the entire contents of a 35 lb bag, or 2) designed so that you have to empty the bag into another container, adding to the hassle, and causing problems with turnover of the older food at the bottom when you top off.

I discovered a clothes hamper at Target that is perfectly sized for a large dog food bag. It's outer material looks like a woven basket, though it is made from plastic. It has a hinged lid, and a cloth liner that hides the colorful food bag. I bought this, plopped a bag in there, and can easily scoop out the food from it's original bag, and it blends in nicely with the d├ęcor, and tucked away against a wall.

Re: Found good way to store large dog food bags

I live on a small hobby farm, so I have a lot of feed bags stored in outbuildings that aren't critter proof. For the open bags I use garbage cans with bungee cords holding the lids on, but for the full bags that aren't open yet, I got a couple of 4-drawer steel lateral file cabinets (used). Each drawer holds 1 or 2 40-50 pound bags of feed. Mice and raccoons can't get to them.

Re: Found good way to store large dog food bags

Around here everyone uses lidded plastic trash cans for indoor storage. Many color choices, some have hinged lids and some don't. Sizes to fit whatever bag size you prefer, just open the bag, drop it in, close the lid. If your pets tend to dig and open the lids put something heavy on top. If they tend to turn things over bungee or wire them to the wall. Heavier plastics are more varmint-resistant but this may not be good enough for outdoor storage in a rural setting where those critters tend to be bigger. For that use a metal can, secured against tipping, with the lid wired down.

It may not be the most elegant solution, but hey, we're just plain old practical counrtyish folks here in upstate SC (well at least those of us raised around here are :D )


Re: Found good way to store large dog food bags

For smaller storage, Home Depot sells a lid for standard 5 gallon plastic buckets that has a screw on removable center piece. It has a gasket so that water does not get in. I use it for my bird feed. It frustrates the squirrels!

Re: Found good way to store large dog food bags

I love dogs, when they belong to others.

But if I had a dog, I'd let it finish the whole dog food bag at once, then would have no storage issues.

Re: Found good way to store large dog food bags

We use those stackable, lidded recycling bins for laundry.

One bin full = one laundry load.

We don't bother with the lids.

A. Spruce
Re: Found good way to store large dog food bags

Unless the dogs are hell bent on getting into the food bin, I'd just use a lidded garbage can such as the Rubbermaid Ruffneck cans. You can get them with or without a roller base or integral wheels. They aren't all that expensive and it will be the last dog food container you ever buy.

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