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formaldehyde free insulation

I am trying to use formaldehyde free products as much as possible. What is the best formaldehyde free insulation product on the market?

Re: formaldehyde free insulation

FYI, Johns Manville offers the industry's only full line of Formaldehyde-freeTM fiber glass building insulation. Formaldehyde is not necessary for insulation to meet thermal and acoustical performance characteristics, so we took it out. We thought it was a smart thing to do for our workers, our plant neighbors, our customers and all the people who live and work in buildings insulated with our products. If you reduce your overall exposure to formaldehyde, you can make your home safer and healthier. And using products with no added formaldehyde is one way to reduce your exposure. California EPA's Air Resources Board recommends using building materials (including insulation) without added formaldehyde. US EPA recommends that you minimize your exposure to formaldehyde.

But beware as there is still some confusion in the market. Some building insulation products are "Greenguard-certified" low emitting; but the Greenguard program is intended for commercial buildings not the vast majority of new homes. Plus, most Greenguard-certified insulation products are made with added formaldehyde.

You can buy JM's naturally white Formaldehyde-freeTM fiber glass building insulation at Lowes and Menards.

For more info you can visit http://www.jmhomeowner.com/

I am with Johns Manville. Thanks!

Re: formaldehyde free insulation

I truly believe that JMs formaldehyde free insulation is a much nicer product to work with as well. So much less itching while working with this product compared to others on the market.

Re: formaldehyde free insulation

you might weigh your options. alittle formaldehyde, or more R-value? Formaldehyde is every where, you are most likely around a bunch of it right now. Insulation Shouldn’t cost, it should pay

Sunny H
Re: formaldehyde free insulation

It will pay, sure enough, in future health costs. I am doing all I can to eliminate chemicals as I renovate. Too many people are getting cancer and other illnesses to consider doing otherwise.

Right now I am researching my options and trying to avoid formaldehyde. It's definitely not good for any of us. Spray foam insulations worry me, I think I am going to avoid them. I want something more inert.

Some things give off unhealthy gases we can't smell, like non-stick cookware which will kill pet birds that are kept too near cooking areas - much to their owners surprise and distress. Imagine what it must be doing to people who use the stuff regularly and eat food cooked in it? The long term effect can't be good. I have a feeling that spray foam insulation falls into that category.

A. Spruce
Re: formaldehyde free insulation
Sunny H wrote:

It will pay, sure enough, in future health costs.

I have to agree with your entire post. People just don't realize how detrimental their environment is to them, being surrounded by plastics, chemicals, and gases. They worry about a little mold, yet have no problem using the teflon cookware and other products that have the same cumulative effects. They worry about using pesticides on their garden, but then store their food in Tupperware which off-gases into whatever is kept in them.

As far as the insulation factor goes, I personally would stay away from foam - from a health standpoint it off-gases it's chemical compounds. From a practical standpoint, repair of a wall or the addition of new wiring or other necessities just became infinitely more difficult and expensive.

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