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Forced Heat vs Household Pets

Hello experts,

I have a Ranch style home, and in an attempt to control wandering pets, we keep bedroom and kitchen doors closed 24/7. However, with winter now here and the Forced Air heating fired up, we've noticed that the bedrooms and kitchen are really warm, and the living room is ice cold.

We've identified the problem.

The thermostat is in the living room.
You know, the room with the HUGE thermally invisible windows that leak all the heat out? (aluminum single pane from the 60's)

Of course, the thermostat reads the low temperature and pumps hot air around. The majority of it stays in the closed-off rooms. (the rooms each have their own returns)

My question is this.

What would be the best way to allow the air to flow around the home, but still allow control over where Mr. Chompers leaves surprizes?

I've thought about installing vents in the lower part of the doors, and also above the doors to allow hot and cold air to circulate, but honesly, I would hate to cut into the solid wood (yes, I said solid) doors, or get into a mess with headers above.

I've even toyed with the idea of screen doors! (although not for long)

Other thoughts.

Yes, I know replacing the old windows will help with heat loss...
Yes, I know using the interior plastic stuff helps too... (but Mr. Chompers would destroy it)

...but I suspect this is a bigger problem than just heat-loss.

Any suggestions?

A. Spruce
Re: Forced Heat vs Household Pets

Buy yourself the tallest baby gates you can find. These will adjust to fit any standard door width and work very well at keeping pets out of areas where you do not want them. In lieu of baby gates you could cut pieces of 1/4" plywood to set across the doorways to block access to the animals yet leave plenty of space for natural air flow.

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