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Forced air furnace and water heater at end of life-should seller pay?

We are first time home buyers and, to our surprise, fell for a town home we loved (we thought we'd be single standing home people). The home has been sitting empty for 6 months. The seller only budged 1500 off price, and agreed to a fixed number for closing cost (which may or may not cover the costs).

We loved the home, so we thought ok-he's being stubborn (he did put in new carpet and paint and had fireplace cleaned) but we love it and even though it is at the higher end of our budget, still doable, and we need to move soon

The inspections showed that forced air furnace is very rusty and is over it's life expectancy. It seems like it will cost at least $2000+ to replace and install.
Same or the gas water heater, though this appears to be about $1000 to replace and install.

The house was built in 1985- so these two items are as old as the house it seems and were never replaced (and given the rust factor...).

There are other minor things (an outlet in a crawl space, a window that needs to be replaced, sliding closet doors that need to be repaired to work; stains in garage ceiling to be investigated)- I was not going to ask for those other repairs.. but it seems to me that a Water Heater and a Heating system are KEY and the seller should cover. Given the winter ahead, and the RE Market (there are free standing homes in the area for this price) we are ??? These aren't things you can put off until your "Christmas bonus"comes in, etc. We contemplate walking away if he doesn't budge on this, but I'm seeking some advice here and want to be reasonable.

Many thanks for any adivce or wisdom on these matters.

A. Spruce
Re: Forced air furnace and water heater at end of life-should seller pay?

You're talking about some fairly major expenses, probably closer to $10K than the $2 you're guessing. Another concern is the stain on the garage ceiling, could be minor, maybe not.

IMHO, this is not a sellers market, which means if they want to sell the house, then they'd better be willing to negotiate on repair/replacement costs. If it were me, I'd make a couple phone calls to see what a new HVAC unit will cost for the square footage of the home. Include information to the supplier such as whether it's a roof mounted unit or on the ground, it will affect the cost. With that info in hand, go back to the seller with an offer with a price that is fairly adjusted for these repairs. If the seller isn't willing to negotiate, walk away! Buying a house is serious business, don't let emotions (love, gotta have the house ) cloud your judgment and get stuck with a lemon.

Re: Forced air furnace and water heater at end of life-should seller pay?

I don't know what kind of Furnace your looking for, a 90+ will be more money for both Equipment price and labor, there's more to it than an 80. You can get a good Furnace (Goodman) that will last a long while and you shouldn't have any problems. The good thing about Goodman is there simple, easy to fix and have come a long way since they first came out. I still don't see 10 Grand though, maybe 6 tops, your close with the water heater . Good Luck!!! :)

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