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Force air system carrying noise

Okay I have a silly question. I grew up and lived in houses my entire life that had base board radiant heat and the central AC was up in the attic. Now we built have have a Geo-Thermal system which is all forced air. The annoyance is that you can hear everything from all the rooms through the vents. Does any one know a good way to prevent this? I was thinking wraping the pipes to the vents with some insulation to try and help but not sure if that will help or not. Thoughts?

Re: Force air system carrying noise

They should be wrapped all ready if not wrap them .See if there is flex duct on the lines somewhere. hard pipe is good but flex will help with vibration and noise. Not the whole run just about 2 feet or so.

Re: Force air system carrying noise

I'm guessing that you are not accustomed to the air velocity noise from the air handler and it's related duct work.

Likely you have rigid sheet metal supply and return trunk lines along with metal take off's for each room.

Wrapping the outside of this duct work may help somewhat with the noise though you will still have some air velocity sound.

One helpful type of ducting for reducing noise is internal duct liner or the duct work that is made from insulated duct board like these :

You will eventually get used to it.:)

Re: Force air system carrying noise

We are getting use to the "wind" noise instead of the pipe clanking noise. Just have to adjust the volume on the tv more often. :D But it's the noise that travels through the pipes when the system isn't running. Your right all of it is ridgit piping for in take and return. These products you talk about do they go in the duct work? I'm confused as to how there are so many of them. I might just try and wrap them a little and see how that works.

Re: Force air system carrying noise

I haven't found a way to "dampen the noise" My kids love beeing able to talk to each other in their rooms and I can keep an ear on my children when I'm in the bathroom cleaning the shower and they are playing at the kitchen table.

You do get used to it.

Re: Force air system carrying noise

This is flex duct and how to install it,if you can get to the furnace remove a small section about a foot or what ever small connection can be unscrewed-- and install flex-make sure you support the pipe with a strap-flex has no strength to hold pipe--then tape it and you will have less noise--wraping duct won't work you need to line the duct with insulation or use the noise to your advantage if you have teens you can hear them ploting

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