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food safe paint

Help!! We bought a pre-treated wood picnic table to use as a kitchen table. It has 2 attached benches with one back for my handicapped son.
WE want to paint it white but Lowe's told us there is no food safe paint available. They first recommended a primer, white paint, then a final coat of polyurethane.

Any ideas?

Re: food safe paint

I hope to be of help. However, I am not sure with the paint type I used with my wooden chairs. You ask the local paint stores for recommendation.

Re: food safe paint

If you have bought a chair that is already painted then why exert some effort on re painting it? i agree with the one above me just ask for assistance or search the net.

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Re: food safe paint

I understand how you feel. Safety is the number one concern of most parents.. Well, I tried something just recently, and I found it from this site; http://www.loveyourbaby.com/edible-paint.html If you don't know where to find an edible paint, why not try to make one? xD

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Re: food safe paint

Hi.. I attended a wood class shop last vacation and I have learned that latex or acrylic paint is food safe.. But I am not sure if it is safe for children who have allergies..Hope it helped you.

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Re: food safe paint

Lead was taken out of paint 30 years ago. Titanium dioxide, its replacement, is edible. It is found in many ingestible products, such as tooth paste, to give it whiteness. I recently wanted to buy a lemon mirangue pie. The list of ingredients listed titanium dioxide as the major ingredient in making the mirangue white!

BIN sealer is basically shellac with white pigment. Shellac is also edible. Shellac is used to coat pills!

As to allergies: there hasn't been latex in "latex" paints for decades. Some of the early water soluble paints did have natural latex resin in them, but it was replaced by vinyl and acrylic resins in later years.

Re: food safe paint

So why do they still call them latex paints i wonder?
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Re: food safe paint


Like so many other products, the term latex became a generic term for a product. Even though the real latex is long gone, the term remains. Everyone asks for a "kleenex", not facial tissue.

The paint industry tried at one time to convert to the term "water-bourne", but finally gave up the attempt in futility.

Re: food safe paint

ı think ı can live whith this at all.

Re: food safe paint

ı think ı can live whith this

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