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Fluorescent round 12 inch light

The house I am currently living in has two rooms with round 12 inch fluorescent light. Lately when the lights burn out I go and buy a new one and it does not want to come on or it burns out after a while. A local electrician suggested that they need a mechanism changed in it that costs around $48. The house was built in the 1950s and is a small house. This mechanism to my knowledge has never been changed since the house was built. I was wondering if the mechanism is obsolete or if it is still being manufactured?

Thank you.


Re: Fluorescent round 12 inch light

It probably needs the ballast replaced. I imagine that the part is available from an electrical supply house. Ideally you would remove the unit and take it with you so the counterman can match or cross-reference a new one.

Re: Fluorescent round 12 inch light

True, the ballast is very in-efficient and soon it will no longer be available.

It would be much less expensive and safer to replace the fixture with a new one.

Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon, http://thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

Re: Fluorescent round 12 inch light

What Maurice said plus;

a new fixture should make less noise.

Re: Fluorescent round 12 inch light

Plus a new fixture is a faster, easier project that you might even like better in a newer style.

Once again Maurice show his value here :D


Re: Fluorescent round 12 inch light

Instead of the ballast, it might be a starter. The starter is a little aluminum "can" about the diameter of a nickel and about 1.5" long, probably partially recessed into the fixture. Not all fluorescent fixtures have this, but if yours does, give it a counterclockwise twist and pull it out and replace it.

They are very inexpensive; new ones are plastic instead of aluminum.


Re: Fluorescent round 12 inch light

You can still buy starters and magnetic ballasts on line, but with shipping they will cost more than those brand new fixtures with electronic ballasts.

Time to replace the fixtures.

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