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Fluorescent problems

We have a new home (3 years old) We have small fluorescent lights mounted under the cabinets which are wired in sequence so they all come on at once from one switch. We frequently have lights which begin to flicker. I can wiggle them some and they quit flickering but eventually they will not quit flickering and we use the individual switch to just shut it off until we purchase a new bulb. We have probably replaced every one of the bulbs at least once and some twice. This just doesn't seem right. Does any one have any ideas as to what the problem can be?


Re: Fluorescent problems

I have a very similar problem, although my fixtures are slightly older than yours, and I, too, have gone through more bulbs than I count. Someone suggested to me once that a problem with power surges may be causing the lights to malfunction, but I’m not sure if that’s the case. I have noticed that the fixture closest to the switch seems to be the most prone to flickering and eventual failure.

I’m looking forward to seeing any responses and/or advice!

Re: Fluorescent problems

Fl lights can be a problem, and if the wrong bulbs are used, the lighting can be ghastly, so you might want to consider replacing them with low voltage halogen, or LED lights. There are some very nice LED lights on the market now, you can choose from low level lighting as an accent, or very bright lighting. LEDs will last a lot longer, with no flickering. But they will cost more up front.

Re: Fluorescent problems

There could be a few different issues going on with your fixtures:(A)I know you said they are under-cabinet mounted, are they prone to prolonged moisture exposure either from the water running in the sink or from the steam of the dishwasher. Over a period of time the lamp sockets can get oxidized and cause a weak or faulty connection. (B) Again lamp socket connection sounds like a likely suspect, prolonged tampering or moving of the tubes, vibration and or improper installation of the fluorescent tube is often the problem. (C) Lastly, you didn't mention if they have starters, often mis-matched or wrong starters are a problem, defective ballasts and also less expensive fluorescent fixtures and I am not saying they are; have a limited shelf life, good luck.

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