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Flourescent Light problem when cold

We have two fluorescent lights in our garage, both controlled by the same single pole switch with standard bulbs installed. When the temperature is below about 55 degrees in the garage the lights will not come on. When the temperature rises the will light up. I have replaced the switch, twice, but the problem still exists. I have also confirmed there is power to the switch when the problem occurs. Out house is six years old and this problem just started about two weeks ago.

Re: Flourescent Light problem when cold

I'm guessing these are the tube type flourescent lamps..... and by chance are they open to the garage?

These types of lamps are touchy around the 50 degree temperature. They work better if they are in an enclosed fixture which helps to keep any heat around the tubes.
It's possible you also have a problem with the "starter" compounding the problem.

Just a thought.:)

Re: Flourescent Light problem when cold

Thanks for the quick response. The lights are enclosed. I'll check the ballasts but it is odd that the ballasts in both fixtures would go bad at the same time. This has not been a problem before when the weather got cold (for the Phoenix area).


Re: Flourescent Light problem when cold

You might check and see if you can get cold temperature florescent lamps in your area.

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